I found an answer inside my question. Breadcrumbs are more or less the “past journey” of our users and an point of orientation. They help our users to orientate where they are and how to get back to some specific point in our website or application.

What if we would have some outlook to the future journey of our users? What if we can predict where our user wants to go or give them some hint where they should go?

At first it sounds strange, but maybe it makes sense to some of you if you deeper think about. The most important thing is, that we know what we want to achieve with our website or app. This should be normal duty of all people who design some designs 🙂

How could a predictable breadcrumb look?

As you can see, the “New Message” is the actual position. The breadcrumbs offers the user where to go next after the message was sent (and page was not reloaded). This could also be done via some drop-down to give more choices to our users:

Another option could be to let some ingenious developer build something special which counts the most selected future breadcrumb and shows them as default.

As an example: Your user is visiting your dashboard and has the same routine every time he/she visits. First log in, afterwards checking newest statistics and finally purge all log files. So this is how breadcrumbs could look like:

I think there are hundreds of more possible and thinkable scenarios, where predictable breadcrumbs could make sense. Thanks for reading.