I love digital user experiences that simplify and enhance value.
UX/UI Designer Sascha Lichtenstein

User Experience Design

What I do.

Modern and convincing designs that solves problems.

Remote UX design

UX Design

With the user in mind, I work closely with other disciplines to create valueable products and services.

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UI Design

Based on positive UX Design, I provide visually aesthetic, functional and instinctively operable user interfaces.

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Mobile Design

When designing mobile apps for iOS or Android, the UI Design needs to work in no time. It is challenging but fun.

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Product Design

For amazing digital products I like to experiment. I focus on the end users and the business to create visually appealing designs.

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User Experience Designer Sascha Lichtenstein

Helping clients to create
an amazing user experience.

I am fascinated by people, endlessly curious about what they do and why they do it, trying to work out what makes them tick.

Through my natural empathy for others, I am able to work out what people want and need, and then propose lots of new ways to help them lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

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Quant UX - Research & Prototyping Tool

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Everything about User Research.

UX Designer vs. UI Designer

The World of UX and UI Designers

There is a world of confusion around the job title UX or UI Designer. A lot of people think UX/UI design is the same thing. Well, you certainly won’t have that problem anymore once you read this article. These days, the boundaries have blurred a lot between those two jobs. Both should rely on a solid user research. It’s become a fairly common situation where a tech company hires one person to do both jobs.

UX Designer or
User Experience Designer

As for UX, it means User Experience. It is dependant on the interaction a user has with the app. When they go through a web page or app, do they feel clunky? Do they have a hard time figuring what is where or one look at the page tells them where they want to go?

When they are going through the page, do they feel they have accomplished the purpose of visiting the page, or does every second feels like a struggle?

The user experience is partially dependent on the user interface. It gauges the difficulty or ease of interacting with user interface elements.

Yes, mostly, even a user experience designer has the job of making sure the interface and information architecture is smooth. That is why it is extremely easy to confuse the two. However, the apparent difference is that while UI designers are more concerned with how a page or application looks at first glance to the user, UX designers pay attention to how everything on the page operates.

They are more concerned with the functionality of the interface, along with the overall structure. If the elements are put together nicely, the user will have a pleasant experience. However, if the navigation turns out to be complicated, it will deter the users.

UI Designer or
User Interface Designer

The word UI stands for User Interface. The designers pay attention to how an entire webpage or application is laid out. They take care of designing all the materials the user will come into contact with. The text, slider, transition, animation, everything is dependent on them.

They want to make sure the user can follow the trail UX designer has left behind visually. They decide whether it is the control or the slider that is responsible for adjusting the graph.

They are also in charge of the cohesiveness of a web page or application. They make sure the design language is the same for all the elements on a page. From the color schemes used on a page to the shape of the buttons, the fonts and lines, and the visual representation of an application, everything is under UI designer’s purview.

Essentially, UI designers are what you would call graphic designers. Their entire job revolves around deciding what is aesthetically pleasing. They want to make sure a web page or application appears attractive to its visitors and conveys the personality of the application as well.

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