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UX design basically refers to a process by which a user’s experience of a particular product is designed and optimized to be the best possible experience.

UX designers are people who use certain techniques and principles to determine the best way in which a product can be offered in order to ensure that the user has the best possible experience of that product.

It can thus be said that UX design is a means by which a user’s interaction and perception of a product is predetermined. The UX in UX design is an abbreviation for user experience.

A brief history of UX design

User experience designers are in high demand in companies all over the world and Germany is not left out. While this job has been in existence for quite some time – since early ages, in fact – the term “UX design” was coined as recently as the 1990s by a cognitive scientist who was an Apple employee. Even then, the movement didn’t immediately get a following. It was not until the 2010s, when demand for mobile and wearable technologies started rising that the term caught. This is because the positive reception of these particular digital products – mobile and wearable technologies – by consumers is greatly enhanced by the application of UX design techniques beforehand.

With the increase in the demand for these particular products came an increase in demand for UX designers all over the world, especially in countries with high populations of technology inclined people, as well as those with a thriving technology sector.

Germany is just such a country and, as such, has a high demand for UX designers. And when you observe the sheer volume of its IT sector, you will develop a better appreciation for how this is so. According to statistics released by Statista on January 8, 2020, Germany’s IT sector had a revenue of 93.6 euros in 2019 alone. This figure has been on a steady increase since 2007 (except for 2009 when it dipped slightly), which lends credence to the belief that that trend will only continue. This is especially so seeing as Germany’s startup ecosystem is getting better and better and is receiving more and more support. And in recent years, Berlin has emerged as one of the most discussed startup hubs in the world.

The uptick in IT revenue, as well as the growing startup culture only points to an increasing need for UX designers in the country. And seeing as UX designers can do their jobs from a remote location, it is possible for them to work from anywhere in the country whether it is Hamburg or München.

How much are UX designers in Germany paid ?

According to Payscale, the average salary of a UX designer in Germany is 44,027 euros per year. As such, it can be said that working as a UX designer in Germany is a lucrative job.

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