What is a good UX strategy?

Having a good UX design is central to the success of every product, as it helps ensure that users of such a product will have the most seamless experience possible when they interact with such a product.

It is, however, impossible to solve every problem users of a product have as this will only result in a solution that works for nobody. As such, teams use UX strategy to determine which problems are the most important to solve for, and which are not so important.

What does UX strategy refer to?

UX strategy simply refers to the reason as well as the avenue by which user experience will be implemented in a particular product. In other words, a UX strategy, like most strategies, is an outline of the goals and guidelines that relate to a particular UX design. It is a way for teams to choose the most pressing problems that their product will help its users solve, and one which cuts across a large percentage of their users for that matter.

Creating a UX strategy?

Creating a UX strategy is quite easy. Everything that is required can be said to revolve around observing and listening. In more details, they are conducting an in-depth user research to understand the users, their problems, and how they will like those problems to be solved; planning how to solve those problems; testing the ideas that have been created; validating those ideas; and finally, implementing them in designing the product.

The following are some of the more popular approaches utilized in the development of UX strategies:

Conducting stakeholder interviews: questions such as what the scope of the project is, what the company’s mission is, and what the definition of success for that particular project is, and the goals and objectives expected to be achieved with said project should be asked and answered.

Conducting user research: questions such as who the users are; which devices they frequent and which can be used to connect with them; which problems they have, how those problems are currently being solved; and what impact the product that is being developed will have on their lives should be asked.

Conducting a competitor research and analysis: research should be conducted into how competitors are approaching the problem and how your own solution can be unique and distinct from theirs.

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What constitutes a good UX strategy?

A good UX strategy is one that, apart from having been developed and encompassing the elements that have already been discussed, also has the following the goals:

It serves a majority of the users – a good UX strategy will aim to meet the needs of the majority (at least 80%) of those who will use the product.

It should be fast – a good UX strategy is one that seeks to manufacture a product that provides fast solutions to the problems its users are trying to solve.

It should clearly be defined – you will have had a good UX strategy if every aspect of your product is clearly defined and users can navigate and use it intuitively.

A good UX strategy is quite essential to the development of a great user experience for any product, which is also quite important to just how successful any product will be. As such, every effort should be made toward developing one.

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