I am specialized in digital solutions for humans.

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Who am I

My name is Sascha and I'm a '82 born creative, problem solver, husband & father.

Besides user experience and user interface design, my daily work also includes thinking about the right UX strategy, wireframing, prototyping, the conception of user flows & interactions as well as the conception & maintenance of design systems.

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What I do

I help clients to create amazing user experiences with their target audience in mind.

Tools I use

I am supported by wonderful tools like Figma, Sketch, Balsamiq and Flinto.


I am a member of the association for user experience and usability professionals -
German UPA

Why me

I love to design and make a difference by creating digital experiences that simplify and enhance value.

Design Principles

Learn more about my core design principles.

Visual hierarchy

I arrange, position or organize UI elements in a proper way to give them greater or lesser importance and a user's brain could distinguish the objects on the basis of their physical differences, such as size, color, contrast, style and so on.


Consistency is concerned with making sure elements in our UI are uniform. All user interface elements look and behave the same way. This helps constantly prove a user's assumptions about the UI right, creating a sense of control, familiarity and reliability.


With user's key goals in mind, I'm designing for simplicity. Incorporating simplicity in my designs will help to design better user interfaces by helping users achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, all while enjoying a great user experience.

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