Case Study
Hyperity Admin Dashboard


Valuable Admin Dashboard.

The challenge was to create an clean dashboard UI design for a system with hardware sensors and home stations. The dashboard should help to administrate sensors and home stations in different appartments for elderly or needy people.

Dashboard Statistics View
Tools and Methods

Sketch & Marvel

Conception of the styleguide and the the design of dashboard UI was done in Sketch. A Click-Prototype for stakeholders was done with the help of Marvel.

My Role

Styleguide & Interface

My role was ideation and design of the user interface mainly for desktop browsers. Furthermore I was responsible for creating a prototype for stakeholders and establishing the styleguide.


Intuitive Dashboard

The final product was a an lean and modern user interface with a lot of features. The admin user has the power to more or less configure every aspect of the dashboard. Every element has enough space to breathe.

Hyperity Styleguide
Dashboard Sensors Overview
Dashboard Messaging View
Hyperity GPS View

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