Remote UI Design:
The Clever Solution to Today’s Demands

We live in a globalized world where time is worth, perhaps, more than gold, and that is exactly why taking a long time choosing someone to come up with the UI design you have in mind may not be the best approach.

There are thousand UI designers in the world ready to connect with you and create a project that mesmerizes your audience, so why keep on waiting for the one right next to you when you can hire a remote UI designer?
Today I would like to go through the pros of remote UI design, so you can take the smartest decision for you and your business in terms of UI and UX design.

Why Remote UI Design Is The Future?

Well, not to brag about it, but the future is actually now and remote UI design has been building it for a while. In fact, experts nowadays talk about seeing money as an experience, which means that companies, banks, SMEs, industries, telephone operators, software companies and many other industries are investing more and more time and money on remote UI designers than ever.

Why? Because many industries are growing really fast and CEOs have to understand that, with technology, people don’t want to go out to make a line to wait for their turn in a bank, hospital, supermarket, or anywhere else.

As I said at the beginning, time is gold, and the better the UI and the UX of your website or app is, the happier your customers will be, which means more sales, higher fidelity levels, and higher ROI. So, now that we understand the importance of UI and UX, what does remote UI and UX has to do with this? Why is it so important?

Let’s begin with the fact that having an office costs money. It’s not only the place per se, it’s the equipment, the general services, paychecks, security measures, insurances, and more. Having a UI and UX team is, certainly, essential. But the cost having both teams present in an office may duplicate its costs.

Whether you need to create mobile games, native apps, or any type of communication tool for your business, hiring UI designers is imperative, but there’s really no need to spend twice the budget on an office just for this.

Many UI designers and UX designers have their own equipment to do this remotely, and have been doing it for years.

Advantages of Remote UI Design

There are many advantages of remote UI design, not only for CEOs and entire businesses, but also for the designers.

Remote working may be perceived as a trend, and many employers are scared of taking this big step because they have issues controlling their employees, but if we see the bigger picture, huge enterprises like Google an Apple have being doing it for years, and they haven’t done anything but grow exponentially.

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Why do they do this? Here I tell you 5 advantages of remote UI design.

Increase your team’s productivity

The jobs that demand many hours in front of a computer tend to exhaust the worker in terms of patience, productivity, emotional health, and physical health (raise your hand all those UI/UX designers with back pains).

This is the main concern about many employers as well, but the message for them is: trust your team. Being in an office does not guarantee productivity levels, if anything, after 4 hours straight your designers will be looking at the watch waiting for the final hour like Christmas day.

Those who work in the tech industry need to work in time blocks, give them the chance to clear their minds from home, it will not only make them happier, but it will also reflect on their productivity levels.

Money Savings

Not many employers like to admit it, but every time they save costs they smile a little on the inside.

And we get it, but the best way to save significant amounts of money is working remotely. Whether you decide to send your team home or to hire a team of freelance UI designers, most of them have high quality equipment, all they need is a little bit of your trust and understanding.

Choose the best between the bests

When you have to stick to an office, in a particular building, in a particular street, from a specific city, your talent pool reduces significantly its size.

You see, in your area there will be may UX and UI designers, but once you accept remote offers, they multiply by 4, at least.

This guarantees that you will not have to deal with what can come to you, but with the best talent available worldwide.

Save Training Time

Remote workers, on the UI or UX area are people who have certain experience in the field. Most of them create amazing apps for themselves, just because they had an idea one afternoon and decided to try it.

This means they are not only proactive people, but also fast learners and adapt easily to remote working. Not to mention that they have strong skills on crisis management, imagine working an interface issue by phone and keeping calmed? Well, they can.

Lower Absenteeism Levels

Many times when we have to skip work, all we need is a few hours to rest and go back on track. But nobody really feels like going to an office after lunch, so they take the entire day off.

These situations rarely occur with remote workers. In fact, some remote UI designers even prefer to begin their day earlier than the usual to have enough time during the day to attend possible crisis, meetings, and new proposals.

Final Thoughts

Remote UI design is building the present and the future of many industries. But it’s also changing the way we understand tech positions and promoting the debate on remote jobs, efficiency, and cost savings.

Hiring a remote UI/UX designer has many advantages for your company, not to mention the many pros it has for the designers. Less office space means less money spent on rent, services, cleaning, and safety measures.

Instead, it means happier employees, better work energy, higher productivity levels, more creativity, and different perspective from professionals that live in different countries.

Start hiring remote UI designers today and boost your company’s productivity levels with highly skilled professionals anywhere in the world!

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