What is UX-Design?

A designer who concentrates on the user experience in an app, for example, pays particular attention to the overall impression his app makes on the customer.

In addition, all the experiences the customer collects should meet his expectations.

Therefore the UX design is decisive for the impression a customer has of a brand or a product. It can therefore be seen, even for the layman, whether a company has invested a lot of time and money in the UX, as each customer can judge for himself whether the experience made was good.

Since the user experience is obviously very important for companies, everything is done to ensure an optimal experience. To improve the usability of user interfaces, there are many methods that designers worldwide use. In order to increase the platform on which the user is located (=UI=User Interface) as well as the user experience, so-called prototyping is used. This technique tests all components of a UI for their corners and edges.

For example: The UI design of a website and consequently the user experience are sent to customers and feedback is requested. Now the user behaviour of the customers is evaluated and all designers agree: most customers only clicked on a single link on the website, all other links were not readable and the customers did not even know that there are further links. In order to improve usability, the UI design is revised again. So the website UX will be improved bit by bit. Prototyping is therefore a tedious process, in which errors must be excluded. The most common method can be described in three words: prototype, review, refine. As in the example above, this is the simplest but most efficient method to secure websites, apps and co. Some companies had to learn from their experience that a product shouldn't be tested for errors on the customer's own premises, as trust in the brand depends heavily on the user's experience. Many companies are aware of this and have been given an image as clean as a whistle.

It is therefore better for everyone involved if the user's experience is good. Should customers themselves notice possible problems in this respect, the feedback from the customers would be worth its weight in gold and should in any case flow into the next prototype.

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