Quant UX - Free Research & Prototyping Tool

Understand your users and create the perfect user experience.

What is Quant UX

Quant UX is a UX Research, Usability and UI Prototyping Tool that tests and analyzes your designs.

Our visual analysis makes it easy for you to find and quickly fix "pain points" in your UI design or website.

Fast UI prototyping

Quant UX means fast UI prototyping. Use our visual editor to create an interactive prototype in minutes. Quite simply, without writing a line of code. You design prototypes by adding and connecting screens, UI elements or images. You have an extensive selection of finished elements, transitions and animations to make your design realistic.

Functional Prototypes

All prototypes are fully functional. They behave like a real application. You can enter data, interact with UI elements and navigate between screens. When your prototype is ready, just send a link to your test users. These can then easily test the prototype on all their devices regardless of location.

Test with users

Once a test user uses your prototype, their interactions are recorded and analyzed. Quant UX wins all information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and prepares them graphically. This creates clear charts or heat maps. The "screen recordings" of the test users can be viewed without further plugins.

Start with your first prototype.

What else

Free and Open Source Online Tool

Quant UX analyses help to find and improve flaws in a UI design or in the UX design of a website, including Android, iOS or mobile apps, to improve their app design and make it simple and more effective.

Another cool feature of the website is the visual editor, which makes it easy to create prototypes without writing a single line of code. You have an extensive selection of elements, transitions, etc. to easily create the UX or UI design. Since all prototypes work, usability can be tested with real users. By recording the interactions you gain information which can contribute to the UI, UX, App or Web design. Since Quant-UX has iOS, Android and WireFrame elements to choose from, it is easy to create an app design or web design and through the above mentioned research by real users. The design of surfaces can be quickly created by prototyping and companies that have commissioned the app etc. can quickly get an idea of the app. Mobile Apps are becoming more and more popular in companies and can also increase the success. The attractiveness can also be increased by the User Centered Design, where the users are in the center and are included.

As such custom apps become more and more popular with companies and companies invest considerable sums in apps, Quant-UX offers a good service to get an efficient and successful app, where development costs are low due to compliance with standards and reuse of software components. The interaction of UX Design and UI Design allows developers to create a design that not only looks good, but also allows them to communicate and interact with the system without problems. Through the visual editor on the website, almost anyone can quickly create an app, website or the like and finally share it with the community testing it. This way you get a lot of information about how the design is used and where it is still expandable. The whole thing is cheaper than if an app is written by a developer and therefore a cheap and good opportunity for companies etc. who would like to create their own app.

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