Case Study
Customer Service Portal
Client: Ocean Insights


Intuitive Customer Service Portal for Container Shipment

The aim of the project was to provide a lean user interface with all relevant shipment information of Ocean Insights clients for their customers.

Customer Service Portal
Tools and Methods

Figma & Balsamiq

Prototyping and design was done in Figma based on the companies design system. Wireframes were concepted in Balsamiq. The project was divided into different sprints.

My Role

UI Design & Prototyping

In this project I was respsonsible for ideation, conception and the design based on user requirements. I worked close with the product and agile development teams.


Simple Design

The final product has users needs in mind: A simple and clean user interface with relevant-only information shown to the customers. The user configures the interface via settings itself.

Customer Service Portal Wireframe
Customer Service Portal Data Table
Customer Service Portal Container Tracking
Customer Service Portal Mobile View

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