Case Study
Client: 1punkt7 / Nordkurier Mediengruppe


Discount plattform for regional services and products.

The goal for this project was a complete redesign of the mobile app for Android and iOS. Furthermore a platform for staff and a web frontend was requested.

Lokalfuchs Color Palette
Tools and Methods

Sketch, Marvel and Scrum

The whole design of web frontends and mobile apps was made with Sketch. The click-prototype for stakeholders was done with Marvel. Agile Scrum was used as the appropriate project management method.

My Role

From research to design

My part as a UX/UI Designer in this project was research, ideation, conception and design of styleguides, mobile app UI's (Android and iOS), the web frontend and the staff dashboard.


Interactive map

The central solution for the final mobile apps was that users have the ability to swipe through result-cards in their area and the map is automatically updated. They can see the discount and distance in one view.

Lokalfuchs Dark Mode Map
Lokalfuchs Staff Dashboard
Lokalfuchs Event View on Mobile

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