Case Study
MyFoodHero App


A plattform to save food before it is wasted.

MyFoodHero was planned as multiplatform app for iOS, Android and Web. The aim of the platform was to stop wasting food in supermarkets which was above expiration date but still good to eat.

MyFoodHero Listing
Tools and Methods

Balsamiq, Sketch & Marvel

The UI design for the mobile apps was made in Sketch. Click-Protoyping was achived via Marvel and wireframes where concepted in Balsamiq.

My Role

User Journey

I took over the conception of the whole user journey, interaction and design of mobile apps and the web frontend. The work was done within an interdisciplinary team.


Multiplatform App

The final product was a an interactive platform with mobile apps for iOS and Android, responsive web frontend for users and customer backend (mobile and web) for adding their goods to the platform.

Web Frontend Wireframe
MyFoodHero Tour
MyFoodHero Search Screen

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